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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Final Major Project: Research & Recce

Having established our provisional production schedule, I'm looking to focus in on some details. Pencilled in further to the last post we have a meet and greet opportunity at a bbq next week at Great South allotment (TBC) with another bbq on 16th at Street End. Having spoken to Helen and Simon, with the collaboration of the production team, about the planning and execution of our recces, I have devised a 'hit list' of requirements and objectives. - Take 600D for research stills and potential shots. - All take notebooks (filming interviews straight away could be intimidating- essential to build and maintain a rapport). - Cat (director) can get some idea of artistic tone, shot angles (look for out establishing wides etc.) - Speak to potential contributors, obtain contact details and availabilty (as a rule, we look to find 3 major characters with some minor ones) - Find our opening and closing shots and how titles can be incorporated into it (Eg. blue sky, weather permitting, framed by allotment buildings.)
Images from Wilder Quarterly

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