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Friday, 28 September 2012

Final Major Project: Checklist

Post group crit Targets Sept Oct 2nd Architecting Film Exact content of the film and how it will brake down, a script. Research into the context – what else is out there, like this – before this? Production schedule Superseed A tight script with the “through question” outlined. A picture script, think images – what will we see. Work with Cat. With contributors assigned to “characters”. Production schedule in place for shoot. Research the context – what else is out there, before this. Will, while I can see all the research is coming together, you must make sure this doesn’t all fall through because of lack of contributors firmed up, and/or a clear through line with your story question. Don’t let your hard work in the planning/idea stage stumble in the production phase (as has happened before abit with Pete:Hack)

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