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Friday, 21 September 2012

Final Major Project: Recce and Feedback

Having shown my script order/structure to Helen she has come back to me with the following advise: Remember to structure your film in the following ways:
WHAT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT – STRUCTURE BY LOGICAL PROGRESSION THROUGH ISSUES/THOUGHTS RELATING TO THE SUBJECT OF ALLOTMENTS. WHAT YOU SEE – STRUCTURE LOGICALLY, CREATING A VISUAL NARRATIVE THROUGH EVENTS EITHER CHRONOLOGICALLY AND/OR BY BUILDING TENSION AS KEY EVENTS APPROACH AND UNFOLD. When you script this more fully also consider HOW you are going to illustrate each point you make through sequences and/or actuality. Each thought should logically tee-up each sequence/actuality moment. Each interviewee will need set up sequences – think creatively as to what these could be. Summarise in the shooting script what each person is going to tell us. Think about a good opening sequence and a good ending.
And now I've organised a recce at the allotment I asked what I should do whilst out meeting plot owners, she advised,
If you are going to meet people, I would suggest you just talk to them and start to suss-out who are your potential characters (just take notes). In terms of pictures stills are fine for the recce - but remember to start thinking about your filming opportunities - what are the sequences and actuality possibilities there. You will need to start asking them questions which will inform your script and provide the information you need to structure it - go with the flow, but know your subject so that you can ascertain who can represent different aspects of your story (you need to know the 'bigger picture' re: allotments - what are the current issues etc). Definitely need to get people on-side and make them feel at easel, but also stay in control of the direction of your film. Use the people you meet for their expertise on the subject, but you are the expert in terms of making a film.

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