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Monday, 23 April 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Edit/Comm

Today, teaming up with Chloe successfully, we were able to unite our research in archive to put into our rough cut which i have been putting together today. Slotting in relevant archive has been tricky, finding quality footage is going to prove difficult but Chloe has obtained the sources from a recent History Channel Documentary, so by next week I expect we will have a strong set of high quality, relvant cutaway footage to match the words. Keeping Rabiger's "Directing the Documentary" at hand I have been writing the Guide Comm. script along side the edit today: learning the 'Power of the first word' making sure I am aware that The first word to fall on a new new image influences how the audience interprets it I am, at the moment struggling, as with each review changes will be made so my comm will always be subject to change, but once the edit comes together I will have enough words to cover the images, come the final edit. Thinking ahead to the Delivery Process which starts next Wednesday 2nd May having consulted specialist binders, Hollingworth & Moss in an email I ascertained that I'd like to see if they have a mock-up or a previous example? Plus we'd want the 'top secret' stamp with our Title: The Cockleshell Raid 2012 A New Generation Tackles the Impossible (all in our chosen font) inside we'd want a bound document on thick, quality glossed paper if possible... I envisaged the document to be encased (as suggested in a correspondence from Hollingworth & Moss) in a clamshell presentation box
with our title and a 'top secret' stamp
DVD casement within the box? We will start delivery package next week (2nd May) The completed package will be done by (11th May) Estimate that it will be between 50-75 pages Detailed schedule coming soon General theme is aged secret document traditional red stamp on the front with the font embossed inside cover maintains the war time document feel

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pre-Priduction Unit: Schedule


Pre-Production Unit: Update

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. I have been mostly working on the edit of The Cockleshell Raid 2012 Promotional film. my steps have been: Stage one. Shot, logged footage and transcribed interview footage and created rough cut of The Historic Dockyard: The History With the help of Chloe, I was able to concentrate on camera work and direct the piece more successfully, only issue I would flag up is whilst on the sub we had no strong notes to go by which we had planned to do whilst Chloe was answering the questions. This meant the footage captured on the day could have been more abundant and stronger.
Stage two. Shot, logged footage and transcribed interview footage and created rough cut of Brighton Beach: Kayaking This time was just me at the beach so I was unable to give full attention to the contributor, Craig and less able to control the camera this meant the footage (due to the light increasing as i started the shoot at sunrise) was slightly over exposed but I was abled to amend it later in the shoot. Stage three. Shot, logged footage and transcribed interview footage and created rough cut of St. Martha's Hill: Training Having put these three sequences together and a 'cut down' I was able to give Simon and Helen an overview of our footage. In this feedback we noted that archive is needed, and Chloe has taken up the job of finding strong and suitable cutaways to elevate and push the story. In editing terms I need to combine all three sequences together linking up all the footage coherently: - Setting up what it is we are going to talk about - Mix interview footage with strong imagery to intercut and play off eachother - Create a commentary that will act as an introduction, a summary and a tool in which we can 'corner turn'

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Day 2

Rough edit complete. This is slightly amended as, in a deal with my contributors, I said id add a donation frame at the end as Zach & tom are doing this event for real in May/June:

This shoot was a complete success and the post-production was a more straightforward development aswell. This is purely down to planning and forward thinking in my shot selection. I had a basic set of shots i required and a set of questions, then the natural running sequence from the strong backdrop through the obstacles and up the hill enabled the edit to slot together nicely.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Shoot Day 1

Day one in Brighton, due to unforeseen circumstances it was just me on the shoot today, so this would prove to be my first hurdle.

Having organised my journey in advance, i found out sunset was at 6:23 and aimed to be parked up by 6 on Brighton seafront. Craig met me on a cloudy shingle beach keen and very eager to pass on his knowledge. I had emailed my questions to him a week previsouly so he had time to take in my questions.

One issue I predicted was wind, so I set up the blimp directional mic as well as a radio mic, which neatly tucked into Craigs lifejacket, unfortualty the mic was facing downwind so it did pick up strong gusts but i had covering blimp sound so it hasnt proved a problem so far.

Having now uploaded and logged my footage I have transcribed Craigs interview:

Brighton Kayak Transcript