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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Original Score/Cut-Down style

I am looking to use feature film composer, Rupert Gregson-Williams. He is in fact my Prep School music teacher aswell!

This is the type of score I can envisage in the Cut-Down (Promo)

I also want to shoot my cut-down in this style, from the BBC's Battle of Britain.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Organising the Promo (or Cut-Down)

Call Sheet Brighton

Peter Williams CV (Short)

Shot List Brighton

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Brighton

Sent an email to Craig at Brighton Watersports:

Hi Craig,

My names Will, I met you last week regarding filming kayaking on
Brighton beach. I am now on my easter break from uni so if you name a
date that would be easiest for you I can come down and film. Monday or
Wednesday would be best for me. I have attached a call sheet, if you
could let me know any details you would change (i.e your contact
details and call time) in an email that would be really useful.

A quick run down of what I require:

- A face to face interview - detailing what second world war marines
could expect kayaking into enemy territory etc. I will send you a set
of questions nearer the time.
- Actuality of you kayaking, various shots in the water (potentially
using your waterproof tripod, as you mentioned before?)



I included a call sheet for him to edit... Here our photos from our recce:

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Chatham Dockyard Visit Photos

The Historic Dockyard Chatham

Interview Position

GV Point 1 (On-board HMS Cavalier)

GV Point 2 (On top of HMS Ocelot)

Internal POV and Various GVs (HMS Ocelot)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Recce/commission

I have gained another commission: this time for an Animated title sequence. I gained the skills of Joe who was the top Animation student at UCA last year. Here is the project brief i set for him,

I have also confirmed filming at the dockyard, I have sent a call sheet over to Scott, he will edit the call sheet up until the shoot if required.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Chatham Dockyard Visit

Photos to come...

Went to the Dockyard today, a great location with a unique backdrop of 'Slips' (boat buildings), HMS Gannet and most importantly the HMS Ocelot. The Ocelot is a class T submarine which is one of the few remaining out-of-service subs left in the country. Whilst looking around the sub I picked out 3 potential places to shoot a face to face interview.

I spoke to Scott Belcher from Chatham Dockyard, I told him we were flexible in terms of filming and I highlighted that we wanted the area to be free of people walking around and the sun to be in the right position. I worked out the best time of day would be just before sunset as the light would be not too over powering and the sunsets are apparently spectacular this time of year. We also managed to get the most knowlegable man on site for our interview, who is apparently an interesting and larger than life character.

I have also confirmed my 3 stand in marines to be available for a training montage back in Surrey who are running an extra long run with on a route that doesnt require filming permits:

Along the River Wey at Daptune Wharf:

On St. Martha's Hill:

Friday, 23 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Website

I am currently constructing a website using Adobe Muse: a very effective website that doesnt use code and enables me to design logos etc in InDesign and Photoshop.

I am looking to produce a website in order to
- Maintain consistancy
- Reinforce brand identity
- A platform to show our research methods and work other than this blog.

I have been working on the shooting script today also which is constantly being reviewed by Helen in order to keep on track.

Yesterday Chloe went to the Imperial War Museum, we are looking to put together our finding in the afternoon on Tuesday as I am out on a recce in Brighton next week.

Our illustrator, Lucy is currently working on more illustrations in a view to stregthen the look of our pre-production document.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Peter Williams Meeting/Work Experience

Spent the whole day with Peter, he asked me to shadow on the edit on a documentary following quadriplegic, Hilary Lister as she circumnavigated the UK on her own using just a set of straws.

It was the rough cut and in the process of assembling the edit.

I spent the second half of the day going through the raw footage and picking out cutaways of her

Afer conferring with Peter we decided he should be Executive Producer and he will also help in the making of our promo and do the VO.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Peter Williams Meeting Prep

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be meeting with Peter Williams

Peter Williams is Chief Executive of PETER WILLIAMS TELEVISION based in the South East of England and a major supplier of factual programmes to the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and other leading broadcasters.

Hillary on Everest from Peter Williams Television on Vimeo.

In this meeting I will show him my First pre-production document. I will also:

- Ask for relevant profile/CV and a picture and a showreel.
- Recommend Crew.
- Ask how he would pitch his ideas, anything he would add to my document.
- Ask about the content of a trailer.

Pre-Production Unit: Crew Search

Sending out the following email to potential crew members:

I just had a very quick enquiry: We are
currently producing a hypothetical Pre-Production Package for our
final year project and I am looking to cast a Sound Recordist for a
feature length Documentary. The 90 minute programme is a Historical
reality drama following a group of Marines recreating Second World War
mission Operation Frankton (recently documented by Paddy Ashdown) I
wondered, if you had a spare moment, you could put together profile/CV
that could match this kind of filmmaking, and perhaps you could put
together some thoughts and possible recommendations for crew.

Thanks for your time,


I made the desicion to do this to ensure all our crews CV/Profile are tailored and relevant to our project.

Our aim is to collate the information of these crew members into a neat and consistant package, maintaing the theme and style by compiling crew information in Military ID Form:

Pre-Production Unit: Shooting Script

Putting together a second draft of my shooting script. Having conferred with Helen I am now looking to put together 3 seperate timelines for the scripts. Today im also planning to split the script into posted notes so I can ensure the running order is suffiecnetly flowing.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Idea Development: Continuity

Sat down with Chloe and discussed interlinking our work in a more creative way so we decided to establish a template page for all our work, this is our first...

For all our locations:

We took the descsion to recce every locations possible (excluding France!) and ensure we take high quality images on an SLR. Bognor Regis photos were taken on a Canon 7D.

In view to maintain continuity we have also commissioned our illustrator to create a look for each page through producing a banner. I have presented this idea to our illustrator through a series of images:

This is a link to her blog

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pre-Production: Promo Planning/Character Profiles

An email I have sent to our 'contributors'

Hi Tom,

Prior to our conversation here is what I'd like from you, bearing in mind this will become beneficial to you, in part, as it will help in your fundraising...

- We require dates that you are available to shoot for our promo, we will need 2 days (a weekend before 23rd April if possible). Sooner rather than later.
- In these 2 days we will be shooting 'Actuality' at The Historical Dockyard at Chatham with 'Talking Head' interviews. (Daimo will also be doing stills)
- On the Sunday we will be shooting a training sequence (myself and Chloe will be organising a kayak either hired or borrowed, we will organise ASAP)
- I will be driving anyone up from Surrey who requires, so essentially travel is covered.

> For now, can I get a Character Profile that contains your vital statistics (although you will be a fictional Marine your hobbies and your background remain the same) consider including:

Name: Nickname?
Height/Weight etc.:
Training Base:
Personal Background:
Sporting History/achievements:
Any other relevant information:

That is all. Obviously i've CCd a few people so ill be expecting feedback.



Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Idea Development

Detailing and establishing the production roles taking into consideration

+ Want a smaller crew to represent energy and spontaneity

+ Site specific crew

+ Dan Snow is the Historic advisor and oversees the production so we decided to cast him as Exec. Producer

+ Post Production? The program requires archive and rostrumming.

+ Looked into Locations and ways of presenting each:

This list, used as a template for a DOP could prove useful list.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Work Experience: JML

Riding the Desk, Day One
Rig Day 8am Call time

- Organised Radio (personal) mics
- Replaced batteries
- Plugging in mics
- Testing Levels
- Channel Test and hooking up

Doing 'Grams' (originates from sound supervisor playing off a gramaphone) using the software, 'Spot On' which is a system that assigns music and SFX (.WAV and MP3)

+ "Piffle" or PFL: (Pre fade listen) Listening to something withouth fading it up, gallery etc. cant hear it.

+ TBU or Telephone Balance Unit connects callers live on air

+ Hooked up audience mic on the Gantry (some studios have a grid) see photos.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Recce Shoot

Went out on a recce for shooting locations for the promo and at the same time tested the 7D, Sound remains the only issue, but i will look into a resolution before the shoot

I have also lined up 3 guys who are willing to be in the promo to represent the marines.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Media World: Ava Duvernay on Pitching Your Film | IFP

Ava Duvernay on Pitching Your Film | IFP

Pre-Production Unit: Idea Development

+ I have been busy this week editing an extended version of WWII memories, this will prove essential practice for the promotional film we are looking to shoot for The Cockleshell Raid 2012. This is the extended version:

+ Yet another illustration commission! (you wouldn't have guessed by girlfriends an illustration student!) This time, Callum Jackson (3rd year BA Illustration) has been commissioned to create a storyboard with the following brief:

To create a vivid storyboard to visualise the opening 20 minutes of The Cockleshell Raid 2012. This will be used as a tool to aid in projecting the overall look and aesthetic of the programme. Using any medium that you feel is appropriate, create a series of storyboards of A3 in size, with the view for the final piece to be mounted on foamboard. The final product should be completed by Monday 23rd April

+ Went to the army barracks last week but it was shut, I aim to go there this week.