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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Major Project: Poe Trilogy

Todays Absurd Tagline:

A Trilogy of Shock and Horror!

Tales of Terror (1962) Dir: Roger Corman

A movie adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's
The Black Cat

The Case of M. Valdemar

Another Absurd Tagline:
Suspiria - "The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 92"

The film is 97 minutes long...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Media World

Terje Sorgjerd, the photographer behind the viral video The Aurora, has done it again. Here, Sogjerd captures the Milky Way over El Teide, Spain’s highest mountain. Click through to watch, and get details on how the video was made.

Filmed between April 4 and April 11, 2011, the individual frames were shot using a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 17mm TSE, Canon 16-35mm II, Canon 24/1.4II, and Sigma 12-24mm.

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Major Project: Idea Development

It will shock you out of your seat...

Above, an effective use of low lighting and shadows for the Count's startling first appearance in Dracula.

Jack Asher


As cinematographer for several of Hammer's most memorable productions, he shrouded the studio's gothic horrors in all kinds of fantastical colours, filling the screen with lush purples, reds and greens.

His credits for the studio included The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), Dracula (1958), The Hound of the Baskervilles (1958) and The Mummy (1958). His final Hammer horror was The Two Faces of Dr Jekyll in 1960.

Below, a typical Asher green lighting gives a non-realistic, almost fairy-tale-like quality to a scene from The Hound of the Baskervilles. Below that, a similarly fantastic effect is created with a purple spot in The Brides of Dracula (1960).

Terance Fisher


Without doubt the single most influential and talented of Hammer's directors, Fisher was responsible for a slew of the studio's finest gothic horrors, beginning with the Frankenstein-inspired 'Four-Sided Triangle' in 1953 and ending with 'Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell' in 1974.

Fisher was, In his own words, a maker of 'fairy tales for adults', and his best films are notable for their fantastic, fairy-tale-like qualities. One thinks of the hauntingly magical appearance of Count Dracula amid swirling autumn leaves in 'Horror of Dracula' (1958); the Egyptian dream-sequences and vivid hues of 'The Mummy' (1959); the once-upon-a-time quality of the opening scenes of 'The Curse of the Werewolf' (1960), that might easily have been lifted straight from a child's storybook; or the mesmerizing and enchantingly surreal fantasy-world of 'The Gorgon' (1964).

Media World: "10-Minute Film School"/The Social Network(s)

Part I

Part II

Rodriguez said he originally made this quick lesson to better explain to non-believers how he was able to make his Sundance-winning El mariachi on a budget of just $7,000. Not only is this a tremendous resource for anyone interested in making a great film with very little cash, it's also a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes for anyone who's ever wondered just how moviemakers do it.

Director Who style "If other directors made The Social Network" from College Humour:

The Social Network(s)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Major Project: Opening Sequence

Opening sequence will take the feel of Tales from the Crypt Combined with The Horror of Dracula opening The Tales from the Crypt is taken from William M. Gaines comics:
This horror anthology featured stories of murder, greed, lust, gore and the supernatural, with touches of humor sprinkled throughout, usually with a twist ending of sorts (
The Hackumentary will begin with the spooky POV style used in both extracts leading to a blood spattered sign - it includes the theme from Bram Stokers Dracula/Adam and the Ants - Prince Charming/Back from the Dead- Peter Doherty?? . The documentary version in Episode 2/3 will end with a member of the Art Dept. complete with talkback and clipboard, wiping the sign of blood. The following scene sees Struwwelpeter

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Media World

An interesting "Sound Signiture" created by a guy called Diego Stocco for company DTS, Inc.

Diego Stocco - The Making of DTS Sound Signature from Diego Stocco on Vimeo.

An interesting way to show his work process on his website

Work Based Learning: Shooting Day Planning

Still confirming the shoot day... Taking into all considerations and variables it should be on October 3rd! After a meeting with Dan, we have worked out we want the product message to be clear during the dream vision sequence (Kaleidoscope) too add some innovative flair it will include some flashy, creative effects in post which will not ditract from the product and the message we wish to portray.

It is an exciting project and I know if I plan and make full use of the pre-production period we will achive a simple, affective and exciting platform to promote C6(n).

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Work Based Learning: Shooting Dates & Scouting

Today we sat down and began negotiating a shooting day and looked to take into consideration the crews availability to put up the structure, Dan at From the Hip and his schedule, and the Charlie (Site Manager). I have discovered that it is a balancing act to arrange convenient dates to shoot for all parties involved. I also had to take into consideration the fact that the use of Sony XDs from UCA are unavailable for 2 days during the shoot week. This however was overridden by my negotiations for hire of Canon 5D cameras from FTH.

Scouted potential locations at the Wylds today.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Work Based Learning: First Film for C6(n)...FCPX Training

This is my first finished work from the Summer.

It is a time lapse film from Go Pro cameras. The project was a learning curve for me as I used Final Cut Pro 10 for the first time.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Major Project: Struwwelpeter: The Musician

Anvil!: the Story of Anvil (2008) Dir: Sacha Gervasi I actually did VOX POPs at the Secret Cinema Premeiere of this film and saw them play live afterwards. a very funny doc which has scenes in which I could imagine Pete doing the same (interview with a guitar and a cuppa in the kitchen)

This is how time Magazine saw it:

For a moment in the 1980s, they hoped they'd become the heavy-metal band. Reality had other ideas, yet these Canadians kept on poundin' through decades of ignominy and, worse, anonymity. Sacha Gervasi's sweet doc is a Spinal Tap for losers who never give up dreaming.

Speaking of Spinal Tap...

Major Project: Struwwelpeter The Movie

Looking at horror film Suspiria Dir: Dario Argento, who according to IMDb was inspired by stories by the Grimm Borthers. Here is a scene from his 1977 film: (Contains strong violence) It has been descirbed as being
a surreal horror film about a witch's covenent which was inspired by the Gothic fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers (IMDb)
I sensed these scenes were on the side of the rediculous and in typical Argento fashion, everyone sucumbs to a grizzly end! This is what I'd like to recall in our retelling of Struwwelpeter and portray a comically gruesome tale.
The opening scene of Hammer Film, The Horror of Dracula

Music to accompany the film

Monday, 12 September 2011

Work Based Learning: Advert: More Research

MyIdeas for the promo/advert has been cleared by Charlie so it is now time to establish a clear outline for my Idea...

Having had conversation with Michael re: the advert I'm looking to look into more detail of the structure going up. I have decided to portray this with a four way split screen.

This is the finished proposal (feedback welcome!)

Kaleidoscope (working Title)
2'00" Advert/Promotional Video

"KALEIDOSCOPE" aims to be a an inspirational film to catch the eye and
project the C6(n) dream.

Part 1 (30") The backdrop is the Autumnal Wylds Estate. The brainchild
of C6(n), Charlie admires the empty canvas in front of him: a wide
multi-coloured vista set high amongst the hills. Charlie sets a
Kaleidoscope to his eye and the viewer descends into a dream and a

Part 2 (30") We witness the structure elevating and constructing,
using sweeping shots and hallucinogenic colours. Viewed from
multi-perspective and in "Polyvision" the screen will be split into
four, the audience watch every intricacy in detail, it spirals and
spins like a Kaleidoscope.

ECU Machinery will be split 4 ways

C/U the crew drilling in action

Part 3 (30") Our protagonist, Charlie, takes the kaleidoscope from his
eye. Returning to brilliant full colour, unveiled, is the structure in
glorious High Definition.

"KALEIDOSCOPE" looks to take the C6(n) ideologies and retell it in a
simple and affective way.... More over to fulfil my aim to promote
C6(n)’s values and product and integrate this information into a short

(Using the High Definition Canon 5D Camera with a wide angle lens)
Wide still shot of the Wylds with Charlie right of shot.
OTS (Over the shoulder shot) Charlie Putting the kaleidoscope to his eye

4 way split screen shots. Colours change to kaleidoscopic in post-production.
ECU (Extreme close up) of crew members drilling.
(Using head mounted go-pro camera) Crew members adjusting the structure
MC/U (Medium close up) Shots move further out showing multiple shots
of equipment/components
Wide shot of tent top.

Side profile of Charlie and reverse shot of first OTS
Kaleidoscopic colours change to full colour and the structure is
unveiled as a wide still, mirroring the opening shot.

Equipment required:
Canon 5D
Final Cut Pro (Dan's studio includes editing add-ons, Magic Bullet)
Note: No audio required

Dan Heatherway (From The Hip Video)
- Hire of equipment for production & post production (potential costs
and quotes to be reviewed by Tori/Michael/Charlie)

Will to do for pre-production:
Shooting script
Shot List (Tori/Michael/Charlie any specific shots required)

Work Based Learning: Advert: Primary Research

Isenseven "Kaleidoscope" Trailer 2011 from Isenseven on Vimeo.

This video stems from looking into kaleidoscopes. The film encapsulates elegance (with elevated scenery and stark white colours) it sums up my interpretation of the buzz words of C6n - Elevation and space. Technically it uses typography in the titles which I could be influenced by as well as the awesome high def shots which reminded me of our promo (the bright sunshine).

This image could be The Wylds estate in Autumn. For me it represents the height and elegance of the structure

Wagon Christ Chunkothy Promo (official music video) from Celyn Brazier on Vimeo.

This rather trippy video, has really inspired me, I can invisage the bulk of the advert/film having 4 seperate films in each corner of the screen all telling the story of c6(n) and flying into the middle on set moments like a kaleidoscope. it could a tough post-production job but it means I will be able to show multiple aspects of the structure in an exciting and colourful way.

Having had a brainwave and chatted with Tori, we established an exciting idea:

Charlie, the owner and brainchild of C6(n) stands looking at the beautiful surroundings of The Wylds estate with the picturesque surroundings and an empty space in front of him... He lifts a kaleidoscope to his eye, representing Charlie and his vision and equally his dream.
Cut to the structure going up in split screen with a spectrum of hallucinogenic colours. each shot ends with a sweep leading into the centre of the screen much like a kaleidoscope. and each shot shows the cogs and wheels of the structure and its intricacies in action. Four POV shots of the crew hands on and working... Four ECU(extreme close up) shots of the team at work... four wide establishing shots of the structure in different stages of the build.

Finally, Charlie takes the kaleidoscope away from his eye. The structure stands completed in full glorious High Definition.

Work Based Learning: Strategic plan for New Promotional film for C6(n)

Project Manager:
Will Tippett
Tori Hall
Red Phonex

Project Description

Length: 2.00 mins

Aims: To promote C6(n)’s values and product and integrate this information into a short advert/film.

Start: 12th September 2011
End: 19th October 2011

Theme analysis
- looking into values of C6(n), look at our fb page and look at the pictures, previous presentations will be provided.
we want to show off our product, quite like what was done in the previous video.
will need to think about what is going to happen in this film to capture attention.
you may be working with Red Phonex to develop ideas.

Will needs to use the information above and tell Tori what type of music to produce for this.

Pre production
- Timelines/Deadlines
Actors preparation (c6n boys)
Filming script
Weather analysis
Shot lists

Filming production



Please provide TH with a list of equipment, any costs you may incur, quotes are accepted, reviewed and you will be told if it is possible!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Major Project Idea: Influences

> German 1920’s cinema, Nosferatu

> “The angular Expressionist world of the 1920 film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari, all twisted alleyways, lopsided doors, cramped rooms and overhanging buildings”

> German Art Director and Director Paul Leni

> Lon Chaney, who made memorable monsters of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of The Opera

Major Project Unit: Research & Idea


The Grimm’s Fairytales and Bavarian folk stories are cautionary tales that have created a heritage, a history and a language. Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm strived to create a unique German heritage which unintentionally went on to become a global legacy, synonymous with childhood fantasy: everyone knows of and has been utterly terrified by Grimm’s allegoric fables. These stories occupy an important place in German cultural imagination, and my aim is to reinterpret these stories and relay its message and ignite that initial element of fear.

With this in mind similar Bavarian folk stories are revealed in Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter. I would like to reinterpret the short tale of ‘Shock-headed Peter’ and place him in the present day.

A perhaps unintentionally chilling German video of Struwwelpeter

I would like to shoot scenes in the film and have a documentary piece to match it.

Pete lives on Eym Cumming View, at number 4. He’s a likely lad. Think Pete Doherty meets Russell Brand at a dodgy party in Kentish town. We find Pete on location filming a horror film and he is the lead role as himself: The dishevelled and dastardly Stuwwelpeter. We, however, open up another side to ‘Pete’ through a documentary, off set. As Pete takes time out of his busy schedule, the audience begins to understand the real Pete through an honest, warts and all portrayal and account of a Londoner seeking to banish his bad name and become Struwwelpeter: the musician.

With a view to be aired on a platform such as the BBC Comedy website under the influence of BBC2 comedy, I envisage this to be filmed in multiple, separate episodes accounting a scene of the film with a face to face interview afterwards. This “Hac-umentary” sees Extras collide with Phscoville.

Work Based Learning: C6(n) Company Profile & Summer work

Based in Liss Forest, Hants, C6(n) is in its enfantcy and is enjoying its first test or 'soft' summer. It is a family run business at the moment concieved by freinds Chris and Charlie overseen by Michael and Toria.

It is the worlds first double tiered structure tailored mainly for events.

Theres me relaxing before the Polo at Hurtwood. At this event we installed the Go Pro Hero HD
for the first time. After this event I emailed the team my critique of the day. I made suggestions as a professional in hospitality as well as my opinion from a media perpective:

“Flip” point and click camera would be ideal to gain HD footage to gauge opinion and reaction of people in the structure (without a large camera and tripod) records up to 2 hours and could enable us to record moments quickly and easily. Simple uploads and more economical than hiring bulky DVCAMs.

During the summer I have been working in the office looking into media and online side of the company. I advised the team to purchase the Go Pro Camera hero HD not only to capture quality HD footage to promote the introqueces and building of the structure but to judge movement of clients around the structure.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Summer Work Experience: From the Hip

Date: 17th & 18th August
Client: Kenwood
Location: Havant

Our brief was to shot a 2 - 3 minute promo for training staff how to demonstrate Kenwood products. It will be shown globally to staff. Predominatly auto-cue Piece to camera (PTC) using a Canon 5D camera.

These are the lenses we used on the shoot:

50mm focal (Macro) lens - Wider focal length (wider shot) good for C/U

75-300mm - Zoom lens, Slower optics - needs good light: 4 - 5.6 on apperture. Good focal length

24-70mm - (Kit lens) Good stock lens

50mm - Good cheap all rounder (£350)

During the shoot:
> Multiple ECU and C/Us of attachements of products
> Multiple Tracking shots of products and logos
> Audio from Sony XD EX, me and the other assistant noted down timecodes, takes numbers and durations.
> MD of Kendwood did a PTC for a conference in Italy.

3 way lighting used:

1. Chimera Soft box, Arri 800watt. Point lighting set up.

2. Bouncing a 2000watt Arri off the ceiling to diffuse the light.

3. Back light with blue to cool down.