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Sunday, 25 November 2012

FMP: Graphic Artist Collaboration

Having put together a design brief for our Graphic Artist, Lucy Collins (Illustrator) here are the results so far.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

FMP: Shoot Day 3

Shoot Pre-production

Came in to the studios first thing to collect equipment and also to go through the amendments to our Shot list/production list for today.

We planned our group interview positioning:

- We also discussed ensuring we get the best actuality by agreeing to get at least 1 minutes worth for each person.

- Another change we made was having looked at some of the clips. We noted that when we shot actuality before it looked better if the contributor enters right and left of screen to open the shot.


- I felt today went well, our original contributor, Alison couldn't make it at the last minute, but luckily she was replaced by Bryan's partner, Vicki who was an insightful and interesting replacement.

- One thing that may become a barrier in the edit is inconsistencies with the weather (it was a bright day) and the fact our contributors are wearing different clothing and more over the season has obviously changed since we last shot.

- This time we didn't use the Canon 7D. This was a conscious decision as last time we had issues with sound which we were aiming to avoid on this occasion.

- To correct our previous misjudgment*, we allotted a dedicated sound recordist, Casey, who was able to ensure we picked up all wild track during the actuality sequences and adequate sound for the group interview.

- * We aimed originally to shoot as a small crew as this is the style of some documentary filmmakers, but soon realised this didn't suit and we have re thought our process in order to gain the highest standards possible.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

FMP: Commentary Script

Having confirmed with Editor, Dylan, I have made some finishing touches to the commentary script. With it, I have added a brief to ensure a voice-over style is established.

I have approached actress, Maddie Rice. and sent her the following script and brief:

Commentary Script

FMP (Pro Practice): Interior Shoot

Today went well, we had a multi-camera (2x Canon 7Ds) set up and shot all the rooms of the 'show apartment'. We also managed to get 'behind-the-scenes' footage as I directed our crew.

Looking forward to putting together the edit on Monday and adding it to the exterior shots we already have.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

FMP: Pick ups check list

To ensure we keep everyone involved in the project up to speed with the pick ups on Thursday I have devised a Production Sheet which will be signed off by:

Editor (Dylan)
Director (Cat)
Sound Recordist (Casey)

This will ensure we are ALL aware of WHAT we are filming, WHERE and HOW.

I have been encountering some problems with maintaining momentum with both projects at the same time, but putting together a document like this helps to put things back in track and back in sync.

Pick Ups Thursday 22nd November 2012

FMP: Update

Been extremely busy recently lining up shooting days and researching in my journal and I will be putting some of my entries into here in the following days.

I am currently researching into our 2nd days shoot at our location in Surrey.

This is a promotional film from architects, BDP and director Camilla Robinson

We shoot the interiors of the property tomorrow and I have been lucky enough to confirm an extra camera and camera operator (freelance BBC) to film the "behind the scenes" footage.