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Monday, 21 November 2011

Major Project: Shoot Day 3(ish)

Episode 1. A good days shoot. we learnt from previous weeks the perfect time to film was around 4-430 allowing just enough light to film exteriors. One issue that araised was on arrival, me and Dylan went to recce the chuurch we planned to use from the beginning. And on arrival, in the exact spot we aimed to film, a 10 man film crew were set up shooting an indy film! It was starring a guy from This is England aswell! This either showed bad luck or good judgement of location...

Later we continued the shoot, ensuring maximum coverage. We did some actuality for cut aways out on the streets of Acton. We were then approached by the production team we saw earlier. The outfit are actor was wearing was apparently perfect for their shoot! The director soon came out and turned his nose up at poor Payno (our talent)!

Overall we managed to fill the 2 cards and were very happy with our shoot. next task is to log the footage and produce another rough edit to put onto Scenios... Then the edit of our 3 rough cuts will begin!

watch this space

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Major Project: Update/Research

Today we have adapted Episode 1 and combined with a detailed shooting script and call sheet for shoot day 3 in Acton: It has been distributed to cast and crew (via Scenios). We have blocked out an opening sequence using the location in Acton, one issue I could envisage is our opening sequence: we need a jig rig or a secure dolly to ensure a still shot...

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Major Project: Research

VICE travels to Slab City, an ex-military base-cum-squatter haven in Southern California. With the help of two booze-guzzling sherpas, we traverse the Colorado desert to understand why so many call this wasteland home.

Shane Meadows, Advice on Screenwriting:

Any advice for writing effective comedy?

Comedy is impossible to write. If you've seen something that makes you laugh, this is probably the most important link to comedy. People can't help laughing at something that somebody else is laughing at. It's infectious, especially if that person is creasing up. If you have seen something funny, you should try to emulate that with your writing, or filmmaking. The chances are that you are showing people how you see it, and if it's funny to you, it is likely to be making people laugh at the other end.

Whereas, if you are trying to write a comedy that does not even make you laugh, then you are never going to make anybody laugh. So I think the secret to writing comedy is putting it across in a way which you find funny yourself. It sounds simple but a lot of people do not do it.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Major Project: Update

A brief update:

Began a rough cut of Pete: Episode 3. Some very funny moments, it needs to be ramped up though. I have posted the rough cut on Scenios for the cast and crew to see with a view to recieving as much feedback as possible.

I have double checked with the Studio in Surrey and it has been confirmed for Saturday 12th November (collecting keys the night before) I have also got permission to use one of their Sony XD's for extra coverage during the interview and sequences.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Major Project: Shoot Day 1

Didnt quite go to plan on Saturday: We managed to shoot episode 3 due to not being able to do a costume fitting. But we managed to work around the issue successfully.

Today I uploaded the footage we got but it needs pick-ups which we will do on location in Acton in 2 weeks time. I also organised our costume dept. to go to Camden tomorow in order to be ready to shoot on location in a studio on Saturday. I have kept my cast and crew informed through 'Scenios' our production website.

I have also got in touch with Cats ever helpful and hugley talented Boyfriend, who is designing a film poster for our fake press junkett on Saturday.

Although we have around a month to go I am concerned about our performer not being able be present on all our shoots. But learning from previous shoots it is essential to be persuasive and ensure contributors are 100% available well in advance.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Major Project: Pre Production

Discovered a website that can act as a hub and is a "Cloud-based software that streamlines the process of film and television production."

It is a virtual production office where we can add
- Script
- Schedule
- Call Sheets
- Location
- And videos (Selected shots, Rough Cuts and Final Cuts)

It becomes a network where we can connect all cast and crew through email, enabling all production members to view updates instantly rather than through individual emails.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Watching Psychoville - Halloween Special

Whilst doing this I emailed my cast and crew the Major Project research pack.

I also came accross something rather pointless but quite interesting! One sound effect that has found a following with many sound editors and observant movie fans is a distinctive scream named Wilhelm. After "Distant Drums," the recording was archived into the studio's sound effects library, and was re-used in many Warner Bros. productions. The effect gained new popularity (its use often becoming an in-joke) after it was used in Star Wars and many other blockbuster films as well as television programs and video games.[2] The scream is often used when someone is shot, falls from a great height, or is thrown from an explosion.
Dont be surprised if you hear a Wilhelm scream within Struwwelpeter!

Off tangent once again, heres an interesting explanation of Focal Length