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Monday, 17 September 2012

Final Major Project: Contributors

Left a message with Clare Devereux:
Victoria Williams and her colleague Clare Devereux run Food Matters, a Brighton-based not-for-profit organisation that offers support and expertise to organisations and individuals working towards creating more sustainable and equitable local, national and global food systems. Food Matters has worked with the Food Partnership since its inception and holds a co-opted place on the Board due to their expertise on issues such as organic production, sustainability, GM crops, consumer attitudes, local food systems and food poverty. Victoria represents Food Matters on the Board where she continues to lend her expertise to the FP.
I left her an email explain our intentions,
Dear Clare, I have been recommended you maybe interested in a project I am producing by my sister who attended a presentation to South Coast young planners on food and social planning. I am a student at the University for the Creative Arts (Maidstone) studying Broadcast Media writing/producing a documentary about allotments in Chatham (Kent) and we are looking to have a expert opinion on the social and environmental impacts of allotments and I wondered if you wanted to take part in an interview with us? Our shooting period runs from 1st October to around 14th October. So far we have contributors from Great South and Street End Allotments in Chatham and potentially have River Cottage head Chef Sam Rom cooking produce from the allotments and it would be great to have your informed opinion to give perspective to the piece. I look forward to hearing from you, Will (Producer)

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