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Monday, 28 February 2011

The Queen and The Duke

No it's not Tom Hooper's speech therapy epic. I was away in Windsor this weekend and came accross the The Queen Pub - Chas and Dave signed pictures on the wall, Ceefax of the football results on one telly and the 2:30 from Ascot on the other. Live music every Wednesday from Robbie Lee and Deal or No Deal live from the Berkshire beer house. Here it is in its full glory

This is of course in aid of Dylan's epic - The Pub Game. I had a few thoughts on concept made a few notes throughout my vigerous research
> Beer pong round

> Here is a review of Al Murray The Pub landlord and his compete for the meat gameshow

Al Murray The Pub Landlord: Compete For The Meat
Live Review

Forget the enormo-domes; this is Al Murray as he should be experienced, up close and personal. Very personal.

Hosting his own pub quiz in the intimate confines of the Ace Dome, the Pub Landlord spares no quarter from his superluminally-quick, haranguing banter, sharp as a tequila shot but as inoffensive as a pint of mild. In this lunchtime session he instigated a fantastic running joke about a man so devoid of presence he couldn’t be seen, with an obvious spontaneity that made even Murray himself laugh.

The aim of this show is simple. ‘We’re not here to break taboos,’ the Guv’nor insists. ‘We’re here to hand out chicken.’ For top prize is some frozen poultry – with a bonus prize of the salmonella bacteria that must surely be multiplying under the sweltering lights. It’s 23 per cetn pork sausages for the runners-up.

This is serious stuff, with contestants vocal in their yearning for the meat; while the pub quiz itself is entirely genuine. Sure, Murray has added some twists of his own, and not just in the lovely comic flourishes in the wording of many questions. There’s the Dave round, all about famous Daves; an elimination system for the team deemed, free of political correctness ‘thick and slow’; and a snack-based playoff which ultimately cost the critics’ team a coveted top-two placement.

Impressively, Murray promises a different set of questions every day; though as this run long sold out – understandably at just a fiver – we’ll have to take his word for that. But whatever the knowledge put to the test, this is simply brilliant knockabout fun. No question.

Chas and Dave on the wall

Friday, 25 February 2011

From Cat's great tag line for Jam, to a new BBC comedy panel show:

“Squawk!” is a hilarious new wildlife quiz show which does for animals what Buzzcocks does to pop or They Think It's All Over did for Sport!

and it's from the makers of Q.I and Buzzcocks... Check it out!


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Organised a practice pitch tomorrow with everyone. It will act not only as a critique but it will enable us to know each others pitch well. Before we start I want to polish off the structure of my work and fill in the skeleton of the show. By the end, I want to have a well rounded branded 'Product' and like Simon mentioned, be confident in my idea. Lead with conviction.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Balloon flight, shot with an HD HERO camera from GoPro. from Francois Brahic on Vimeo.

Watched a doc last night celebrating the 50th anniversary of the publication of To kill a Mockingbird:

To Kill a Mockingbird on iPlayer

Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is widely regarded as one of the most significant works of its time. Tackling themes of prejudice and courage in America's Deep South, it was published in 1960 at the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the US. Seen through the eyes of a child, the story evokes a time when America's core values were being questioned and examined from within, bringing a national significance to a story set in a small-town community.
It was to be Harper Lee's only novel, which brought her worldwide fame, but turned her into a virtual recluse. In 1962 it was turned into a film starring Gregory Peck and, after four nominations, he finally won an Oscar for his portrayal of the novel's quiet hero, lawyer Atticus Finch.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Based on a fusion of Rude Tube

In a fast-paced review of the video viral revolution, Alex Zane presents a countdown of the 50 funniest, rudest and most bizarre video clips to have taken the internet by storm

And of BFI’s BUG:

With a hint of Are You Dave Gorman?

Showcasing the best of YouTube from one off shorts by aspiring film makers, to off the wall clips by every day small screen icons, 40 likes brings

I envisage the programme to be formatted into a series of links, which will double up as playlist links on YouTube. The pilot show will be separated out into separate topics.

A sideways look at a compilation of the funniest/strangest/badly spelt comments the tube has to offer.

New Talent
A place for new music to be found and shared liked and disliked. Potentially find live bands with a unique interactive spin?

A smorgasbord of quirky clips to enlighten and enrage, brighten or darken your day.

Funny clips. Nuff said

Crowd sourcing
User-based films and shorts from big brands to indy bands

Potential to introduce StumbleUpon (Its features allow users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests) and do a live stumble of a particular subject

Selected youtube clip creators are in the audience and partake in the show.

Projected onto a backdrop connected to the web, 40 likes aims to be entirely interactive. The audience can ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ videos they watch live.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011
A good resource for archive of games shows and chat shows etc.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

As-if I could forget - As-Live

Music/quiz/game show/online

• Pick a set?
• Distraction C4/E4 Presenter led, humiliation comedy
• Boys and Girls C4 Dating format – think live studio street mate
• Fuse and update ideas
• Knightmere CITV virtual reality kids show
• Small talk -> update Mid kent students describe (attempt to) university style questions
• It box (pub quiz machine) challenge audience gathers around the machine like in a pub ( In the style of Games Master mixed with chat like Richard Bacon’s beer and pizza show
• Spoof show, harking back to They think it’s all over parodying Question of sport
• Genius – A pitching show by Dave Gorman, elaborate on a “big pitch”
• Alternative election special/10 o’clock live – satirical TV
• Music --- Back stage/green room gaffs shenanigans like The Tube (C4)