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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Final Major Project (Professional Practice): Primary Research

After tutorials with Simon yesterday I have now established my Final Major Project will now be split in two and my blog posts will entitled the following: Final Major Project Final Major Project (Professional Practice) Professional Practice will essentially be a showcase of my research/development and general "workings" whilst working within a corporate video environment as Director. With a deadline to establish a Title, overall theme and format I began by brainstorming keywords and phrases:
Corporate video production, Director/Producer, story of business, creative and technical director, Creative concept, Output/distribution, Video content for the web
I then came up with the theme of Drawing board to finished product This is the amalgamation of my thoughts, it essentially a stylish making-of film making use of the b-roll from the main shoot with an accompanying document to compliment each section of the film - Architecting Film Idea Proposal

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