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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Final Major Project: Contributors

Sent the following message to Chatham & District Leisure Gardeners Association facebook page (57 members of Street End and Great South Allotments)
We are now going ahead with our research and would like to come along and meet as many allotment holders at a time that is convenient, please advise dates which would suit. If there is someone who could show us around and introduce us to everyone would be great. Please let us know your mobile number if you are keen to help. The sooner we can come to see you the better! There is also possibility we can attend the September BBQ- what time does this start and can we speak to people then to? We have also pencilled in the week ending 14th October with the BBQ for filming, this is to be confirmed. Thanks for bearing with us, we are looking forward to meeting you all! UCA BM Team
I had help with this from Helen and she also suggested: -Create a timeline -Establish 3 major characters with minor characters -Find out stories: is there a waiting list? etc.

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