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Monday, 26 April 2010

Films to see

Just watched one of my "films to see" Carlito's Way. A fantastic film with the great Al Pacino. It also featured a incredible performance from Sean Penn and a brief moment of brilliance from Viggo Mortensen. The film is directed by Brian De Palma and shot beautifully with one hell of a barnstorming climax - guns blazing! The soundtrack added a whole new dimension, (I can also see the film inspired Playstaions GTA Vice City with its location in the bar and the cool soundtrack). Anyway, been in UCA Farnham's Libary all day today, couldnt find the only copy of 'The Family' although found an episode on BFI - a great doc. Here are my films to see, some random ones in there!
- Das Boot
- Down By Law
- How to get ahead in Advertising
- The Long Good Friday
- Tron
- Battle For Haditha
- Låt den rätte komma in (Let the right one in)
Oh God, Nick Griffin just appeared on screen for a party political broadcast - production value about 5 euros. going on about Tory Winston Churchill. and "vox pops" with people reading from a tele-prompter. "Get your own back - VOTE BNP!"
oh well im going to cheer my self up by watching the one show - jolly good fun!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Long time no post!

Apologies for the gap in bloggering! I have mostly been working on my trailer.

My first port of call was to create a call sheet for my cast and crew, Helen kindly sent me one she used whilst at the beeb. Thanks Helen! I noted down important numbers of my crew and for the UCA campus. My next task was to check I could use the area around the viaduct in Eynsford. I rang Kent County Council and was forward to the Kent Film Office - I contact I know have, which I know will prove useful in future shoots. I was soon told I required Public Liability insurance! I rang UCA admin and they were really helpful and was forwarded once more to Sevenoaks council where I was finally given a name for Home Farm in Eynsford and got permission from the farmer to film. We were set for shooting! This was a huge learning curve for me with forward planning and putting paper work together in order to film.

The Day of shooting came on the 17th April. My crew were 3 hours late and we faced a 45 min journey to Eynsford. Not a great start! but filming went really well and we experimented mixing fast paced shots, establishing shots and GV's. all in the most idyllic spot. The sun was out and overall a pretty successful days filming. Im looking to return to london for 'pick-ups' and film the remainder of the trailer, Im hoping it will inspire me for my 10 min. script.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Man is 80% water, We are 100% NEWS

Sony Radio Academy Awards (The radio Ocsars) were announced today. And a two fingers up to Mark 'Thomo' Thompson with under-threat stations 6Music and Asian network reciving nominations and 6 and it's presenters recieved 7 nominations. Can Thompson seriously still axe these obviously decent stations? We find out May 24th.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Charlie Brooker is a genius. This is exactly how every news report is. Im tired and ill from Belgium, must dash. Oh, and here's Christopher Morris and his spoof of radio news:
Congrats on winning the quiz Dylco!