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Monday, 17 September 2012

Final Major Project: Contributors

Been researching potential chefs to attend a BBQ at the allotments for the conclusion of the documentary. I began by listing down the main chefs I wanted to contribute: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall - This proved a challenge and I was bounced around his agents firm Greenebeaton, but discovered a lead after calling Keo Films (HFW production company) It was suggested I ring River Cottage Canteen directly and managed very simply (before lunch orders!) to be passed over to head chef Sam Rom-
I followed up this conversation with an email as Sam sounded very positive:
Hi Sam, Following our recent phone conversation, here is a brief overview of what we are looking to film: Scheduled Production Period: Monday 1st October - Sunday 14th October for University for the Creative Arts (Maidstone) BA (Hons) Final Major Project Super-seed: The Story of Street End and Great South Allotments 15 minute documentary featuring community gardeners and allotment owners from Chatham (Kent). Focusing on the story of plot owners with expert contributors looking into the impact self-growing can make on urban communities. Concluded with a BBQ of plot owners produce by a top chef, with question for the chef and concluding thoughts from plot owners. I can send you a more detailed synopsis if required. I understand you have a hectic schedule with filming and at River Cottage, and we are more than happy to be flexible with dates and cover your travel costs. If it for any reason does not suit your schedule feel free to pass on this information to anyone else you feel maybe interested. Thanks for taking time out to talk to me and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Kind Regards, Will

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