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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Work Based Learning: Shooting Dates & Scouting

Today we sat down and began negotiating a shooting day and looked to take into consideration the crews availability to put up the structure, Dan at From the Hip and his schedule, and the Charlie (Site Manager). I have discovered that it is a balancing act to arrange convenient dates to shoot for all parties involved. I also had to take into consideration the fact that the use of Sony XDs from UCA are unavailable for 2 days during the shoot week. This however was overridden by my negotiations for hire of Canon 5D cameras from FTH.

Scouted potential locations at the Wylds today.

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  1. That third pic is personally my favourite. We had overcast weather and yet you can see how the light falls on the spot the structure would be put up! also the colours are quite something. Maybe put a render pic of the structure in to see if anything clashes?