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Monday, 19 September 2011

Major Project: Struwwelpeter The Movie

Looking at horror film Suspiria Dir: Dario Argento, who according to IMDb was inspired by stories by the Grimm Borthers. Here is a scene from his 1977 film: (Contains strong violence) It has been descirbed as being
a surreal horror film about a witch's covenent which was inspired by the Gothic fairy tales of the Grimm Brothers (IMDb)
I sensed these scenes were on the side of the rediculous and in typical Argento fashion, everyone sucumbs to a grizzly end! This is what I'd like to recall in our retelling of Struwwelpeter and portray a comically gruesome tale.
The opening scene of Hammer Film, The Horror of Dracula

Music to accompany the film

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  1. fantastic research! remember i'm expecting to see a detailed pitch from you and dylan tomorrow, tuesday. looking forward to it.