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Monday, 12 September 2011

Work Based Learning: Advert: More Research

MyIdeas for the promo/advert has been cleared by Charlie so it is now time to establish a clear outline for my Idea...

Having had conversation with Michael re: the advert I'm looking to look into more detail of the structure going up. I have decided to portray this with a four way split screen.

This is the finished proposal (feedback welcome!)

Kaleidoscope (working Title)
2'00" Advert/Promotional Video

"KALEIDOSCOPE" aims to be a an inspirational film to catch the eye and
project the C6(n) dream.

Part 1 (30") The backdrop is the Autumnal Wylds Estate. The brainchild
of C6(n), Charlie admires the empty canvas in front of him: a wide
multi-coloured vista set high amongst the hills. Charlie sets a
Kaleidoscope to his eye and the viewer descends into a dream and a

Part 2 (30") We witness the structure elevating and constructing,
using sweeping shots and hallucinogenic colours. Viewed from
multi-perspective and in "Polyvision" the screen will be split into
four, the audience watch every intricacy in detail, it spirals and
spins like a Kaleidoscope.

ECU Machinery will be split 4 ways

C/U the crew drilling in action

Part 3 (30") Our protagonist, Charlie, takes the kaleidoscope from his
eye. Returning to brilliant full colour, unveiled, is the structure in
glorious High Definition.

"KALEIDOSCOPE" looks to take the C6(n) ideologies and retell it in a
simple and affective way.... More over to fulfil my aim to promote
C6(n)’s values and product and integrate this information into a short

(Using the High Definition Canon 5D Camera with a wide angle lens)
Wide still shot of the Wylds with Charlie right of shot.
OTS (Over the shoulder shot) Charlie Putting the kaleidoscope to his eye

4 way split screen shots. Colours change to kaleidoscopic in post-production.
ECU (Extreme close up) of crew members drilling.
(Using head mounted go-pro camera) Crew members adjusting the structure
MC/U (Medium close up) Shots move further out showing multiple shots
of equipment/components
Wide shot of tent top.

Side profile of Charlie and reverse shot of first OTS
Kaleidoscopic colours change to full colour and the structure is
unveiled as a wide still, mirroring the opening shot.

Equipment required:
Canon 5D
Final Cut Pro (Dan's studio includes editing add-ons, Magic Bullet)
Note: No audio required

Dan Heatherway (From The Hip Video)
- Hire of equipment for production & post production (potential costs
and quotes to be reviewed by Tori/Michael/Charlie)

Will to do for pre-production:
Shooting script
Shot List (Tori/Michael/Charlie any specific shots required)

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