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Monday, 12 September 2011

Work Based Learning: Advert: Primary Research

Isenseven "Kaleidoscope" Trailer 2011 from Isenseven on Vimeo.

This video stems from looking into kaleidoscopes. The film encapsulates elegance (with elevated scenery and stark white colours) it sums up my interpretation of the buzz words of C6n - Elevation and space. Technically it uses typography in the titles which I could be influenced by as well as the awesome high def shots which reminded me of our promo (the bright sunshine).

This image could be The Wylds estate in Autumn. For me it represents the height and elegance of the structure

Wagon Christ Chunkothy Promo (official music video) from Celyn Brazier on Vimeo.

This rather trippy video, has really inspired me, I can invisage the bulk of the advert/film having 4 seperate films in each corner of the screen all telling the story of c6(n) and flying into the middle on set moments like a kaleidoscope. it could a tough post-production job but it means I will be able to show multiple aspects of the structure in an exciting and colourful way.

Having had a brainwave and chatted with Tori, we established an exciting idea:

Charlie, the owner and brainchild of C6(n) stands looking at the beautiful surroundings of The Wylds estate with the picturesque surroundings and an empty space in front of him... He lifts a kaleidoscope to his eye, representing Charlie and his vision and equally his dream.
Cut to the structure going up in split screen with a spectrum of hallucinogenic colours. each shot ends with a sweep leading into the centre of the screen much like a kaleidoscope. and each shot shows the cogs and wheels of the structure and its intricacies in action. Four POV shots of the crew hands on and working... Four ECU(extreme close up) shots of the team at work... four wide establishing shots of the structure in different stages of the build.

Finally, Charlie takes the kaleidoscope away from his eye. The structure stands completed in full glorious High Definition.

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  1. I just had a thought about the 4 sections on the kaleidoscope... there are 4 directors! Maybe we can integrate that instead of just using the boys!