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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Summer Work Experience: From the Hip

Date: 17th & 18th August
Client: Kenwood
Location: Havant

Our brief was to shot a 2 - 3 minute promo for training staff how to demonstrate Kenwood products. It will be shown globally to staff. Predominatly auto-cue Piece to camera (PTC) using a Canon 5D camera.

These are the lenses we used on the shoot:

50mm focal (Macro) lens - Wider focal length (wider shot) good for C/U

75-300mm - Zoom lens, Slower optics - needs good light: 4 - 5.6 on apperture. Good focal length

24-70mm - (Kit lens) Good stock lens

50mm - Good cheap all rounder (£350)

During the shoot:
> Multiple ECU and C/Us of attachements of products
> Multiple Tracking shots of products and logos
> Audio from Sony XD EX, me and the other assistant noted down timecodes, takes numbers and durations.
> MD of Kendwood did a PTC for a conference in Italy.

3 way lighting used:

1. Chimera Soft box, Arri 800watt. Point lighting set up.

2. Bouncing a 2000watt Arri off the ceiling to diffuse the light.

3. Back light with blue to cool down.

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  1. interesting entry, but not sure - why its here? is your WBL not with the other company?