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Monday, 19 September 2011

Major Project: Struwwelpeter: The Musician

Anvil!: the Story of Anvil (2008) Dir: Sacha Gervasi I actually did VOX POPs at the Secret Cinema Premeiere of this film and saw them play live afterwards. a very funny doc which has scenes in which I could imagine Pete doing the same (interview with a guitar and a cuppa in the kitchen)

This is how time Magazine saw it:

For a moment in the 1980s, they hoped they'd become the heavy-metal band. Reality had other ideas, yet these Canadians kept on poundin' through decades of ignominy and, worse, anonymity. Sacha Gervasi's sweet doc is a Spinal Tap for losers who never give up dreaming.

Speaking of Spinal Tap...

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