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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Work Based Learning: C6(n) Company Profile & Summer work

Based in Liss Forest, Hants, C6(n) is in its enfantcy and is enjoying its first test or 'soft' summer. It is a family run business at the moment concieved by freinds Chris and Charlie overseen by Michael and Toria.

It is the worlds first double tiered structure tailored mainly for events.

Theres me relaxing before the Polo at Hurtwood. At this event we installed the Go Pro Hero HD
for the first time. After this event I emailed the team my critique of the day. I made suggestions as a professional in hospitality as well as my opinion from a media perpective:

“Flip” point and click camera would be ideal to gain HD footage to gauge opinion and reaction of people in the structure (without a large camera and tripod) records up to 2 hours and could enable us to record moments quickly and easily. Simple uploads and more economical than hiring bulky DVCAMs.

During the summer I have been working in the office looking into media and online side of the company. I advised the team to purchase the Go Pro Camera hero HD not only to capture quality HD footage to promote the introqueces and building of the structure but to judge movement of clients around the structure.

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