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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Major Project Unit: Research & Idea


The Grimm’s Fairytales and Bavarian folk stories are cautionary tales that have created a heritage, a history and a language. Brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm strived to create a unique German heritage which unintentionally went on to become a global legacy, synonymous with childhood fantasy: everyone knows of and has been utterly terrified by Grimm’s allegoric fables. These stories occupy an important place in German cultural imagination, and my aim is to reinterpret these stories and relay its message and ignite that initial element of fear.

With this in mind similar Bavarian folk stories are revealed in Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter. I would like to reinterpret the short tale of ‘Shock-headed Peter’ and place him in the present day.

A perhaps unintentionally chilling German video of Struwwelpeter

I would like to shoot scenes in the film and have a documentary piece to match it.

Pete lives on Eym Cumming View, at number 4. He’s a likely lad. Think Pete Doherty meets Russell Brand at a dodgy party in Kentish town. We find Pete on location filming a horror film and he is the lead role as himself: The dishevelled and dastardly Stuwwelpeter. We, however, open up another side to ‘Pete’ through a documentary, off set. As Pete takes time out of his busy schedule, the audience begins to understand the real Pete through an honest, warts and all portrayal and account of a Londoner seeking to banish his bad name and become Struwwelpeter: the musician.

With a view to be aired on a platform such as the BBC Comedy website under the influence of BBC2 comedy, I envisage this to be filmed in multiple, separate episodes accounting a scene of the film with a face to face interview afterwards. This “Hac-umentary” sees Extras collide with Phscoville.

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