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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Todays Shoot

Fun shoot today! A great eye-opener, thought our angles were spot-on, although my acting left a bit to be desired! I thought Cat was flawless on the camera, I, maybe should have had a go at some shots as I'm still not up to speed technically.
Some really cool films as well today particularly Steve and Casey, some thoughtful script writing from Casey and slick work behind the camera from Steve.

I had a track in mind all through filming today...

DJ Shadow, "...meets his maker" would slide perfectly over our piece.


  1. glad your eyes have been opened! mine were by yours and cat's film. great start. a really little thriller. very well thought out, shot and "edited". you will have chance to add music later, if you want. but don't turn it into a pop promo!

  2. The song is a bit poppy in hindsight! perhaps i'll try something a bit more experimental...