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Friday, 8 January 2010

Henry Schofield Video

Nice music video from Professor Green - East London rapper under Mike Skinners label. Directed by Henry Schofield . Been wanting to look into Point-of-view style camera angles, this video uses body rigs and after a "bit of research into rigs [and] in the end found a really versatile clip on body rig that was originally made to film downhill skiers" Schofield used a Nikon D90, a still camera, that films in HD.
Like the locations in the video and naturalistic movement of the guys in the video who are apparently mates of Professor Green.
This is my first post so I probably sound like I have no idea what I'm chatting about but thought I'd write something vaguely informative about a cool video. Maybe the next one will be more interesting!
Interview with director Schofield.

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