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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Broadcasting House: Weekend Wogan

The BBC Radio Theatre

An impressive space. The audience area has actually MOVED UP around 10 feet since it was first built in 1932. The space was truly impressive and surprisingly visual for a radio theatre.
I noticed that Weekend Wogan has a 1930s style to the logo using the purple and white with the 30s style cinematic shapes. This maybe due to the art deco surrounding of the theatre. The lighting reflected this, using bright purples through the show. The show itself had terrific Letterman-esque Big-Band, lead by Elio Pace, with guests like Sharleen Spiteri, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and much to my surprise, one of my favourite singers, David Grey. Was surprised by the size of visible crew: just 2 cameramen with, 2 sound technicians on stage and a big Scottish chap, the producer, bounding on stage between stings/tracks. Loved Wogan's delivery, a very funny man. A genius on the faders too!

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  1. GREAT! Really good to see you filling your spare time wisely!