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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Spaced Treatment

My Treatment for TV series,


Written by Simon Pegg & Jessica Stevenson

TX: Thursday 10pm Channel 4/UKTV Gold
Target Audience: 16-25

Spaced is a unique quick-fire British comedy that dives head-first in to the lives of 5 twenty-something’s in their North London flat. Your run of the mill, heady sci-fi!

Spaced plots the lives of a skateboarding, comic book obsessed failing graphic artist Tim (Pegg) and Daisy (Stevenson), a wistful, so far unpublished writer. To land a flat, by chance Tim meets Daisy. They devise a cunning ploy to pose as a ‘yuppie’ professional couple to wino landlady Marsha (Julia Deakin) who unwittingly never tags onto their deceit. Enter, Brian Topp (Mark Heap), an odd-ball conceptual artist who lives downstairs. Best friend of Tim, Mike (Nick Frost), a lover of outdoor pursuits, military paraphernalia and member of the Territorial Army, still in angst and bitter by never being allowed into the ‘real army’. And there’s Twist (Katy Carmichael) tactless and fashion obsessed, infinitely incompatible, but is currently flirting with Brian.

The action mostly takes place at cosy 23 Meteor Street. Never bereft of a Lambert and Butler and a glass of red, landlady, Marsha plays host to ‘professional couple’ Tim and Daisy. Inside this snug 3-bedroomer we discover gunfights, zombies, miniature Uzi’s and countless cups of tea.

With the addition of Colin, Daisy’s Miniature Schnauzer dog, you can expect this group of wiry individuals to encounter nemeses and allies alike in the form of a rival Robot Wars gang and an evil comic book boss. To a drugged up nitro-talking bike courier named Tyres and Bilbo, Twiglet lover and comic book shop owner. A hangover from the Simpson’s and the X-files, this is Spaced.

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  1. This is fantastic work Will. An excellent outline that really captures the style and character of the series. Sharply written, grabbing you from the first line.