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Friday, 26 February 2010

Beyond the Pole @ Soho Film Lab

Back to London

This time to see one of the UK's first viewings of "Beyond the Pole". Originally a radio comedy series for Radio 4 written and performed by Neil Warhurst and Paul Barnhill. After being met my a former collegue, we were ushered into a plush-looking 35 seated theatre (with free popcorn!) We were joined by various press people and people who work for Ascent Media, apparently to make the theatre look full! We learnt first that NO money has been spent on marketing and the director asked how many people had heard of the film in the press. Two hands raised. The only coverage it recieved was on BBC Breakfast. Another point he raised is that the distributors said if the film can gain 10,000 fans on facebook they will put the film on general release. A bizarre start to the film!

The movie was great fun. I thought I'd give it a 25ish word pitch like we did previously:

Arctic Anarchy: Bumbling Mark and Buffoon Brian are on a snow bound adventure to the North Pole. The Norwegians are gaining! Envisage Blair Witch frolicking in the snow with David Brent

A theme is running throughout the film and that is of global warming. However, it approaches the subject in clever and really funny way. Me and my friend agreed the film avoided being preaching and spun it in a more comedic way. I felt it was more thought provoking than your Al Gore's or Michael Moore's. I can see this film becoming a cult phenomenon, it has traits of The Office, clever side looks to the production crew coupled with sniffy Louis Theroux style looks. Location was some of the best i've seen in a feature, (all filmed in Greenland, apparently). Really enjoyed it!

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  1. great stuff will. good to see you enjoying a night out, but still having a critical eye. well worked pitch too. excellent!