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Monday, 8 February 2010

All Spaced Out!

Incisive days work, looking at pitches and treatments for Spaced and Panorama's "I helped my daughter die".

Seen Spaced back-to-back so many times but I always find stuff I didn't notice before! I had a feeling the gun scene ep. would be played, such a classic. Fascinating to see the comedy connections of Edgar Wright, Nira Park (Shaun of the Dead), Simon Pegg, Mark Heap, Nick Frost, Peter Serafinowicz etc. Loads of references popped up as we chatted about. The audio commentary, I remember, is particularly good and Edgar Wright reels through all the references, so worth a quick look. Blabbering on about Spaced. Sorry! Here is my pitch for Spaced (sounding like Mad Men now!)

"Spaced is a quick-fire British comedy that follows the loves and lives of 5 twenty somethings in their Tufnell Park flat. Think the Simpson's come to North London."

A couple of things I thought about this pitch was the reference to Tufnell Park, I felt it was to specific. I did like the use of The Simpson's "coming" to N. London.


Panorama's "I helped my Daughter die" was a completely opposite genre and concentrates on the story of a mother aiding in her daughters suicide. Screened on 1st feb it pegs on to the result of the mothers court case. Jeremy Vine (not my favourite broadcasters but is a good journalist) presents and asks the questions in a 30 minute special. Here is my take on the billing of the Panorama Special.

"Moving documentary fronted by Jeremy Vine, telling the story of a families struggle to come to terms with a mothers part in her daughters assisted suicide and it's consequence in court"

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