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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Search & Pitch

Our Brief: To find an article in the media (i.e Newspaper, supplements or leaflets) and find a suitable story and relevant pitch for either a drama or documentary.

I shortlisted by ideas as follows:
> Donald Steele obituary
> Costa Rica's First female president
> Ethiopian skier
> Floating bus
> "God likes to laugh" - Westboro Baptist Church

I used the subject, Costa Rica's First President and here is my outline:

TX: Tuesday 9pm BBC2 and repeated on BBC4
Target audience: Adult 30+
Part of a season: "Powers in Politics" shown in 2 Parts

"Following Costa Rica's first elected female president Andrew Marr looks into women's role in World politics. As part of "Powers in Politics" season female leaders from Maggie to Merkel will be put under the microscope. Over 2, hour long specials, "Power in Politics" documents significant heads of state and government spanning the last 50 years. We will portray the stories of leaders in The People's Republic of China to the high proportion of women ministers in Scandinavia: Scaling through modern History for those special women."

1 comment:

  1. A well researched piece and I could easily see my marr presenting it. It knows the audience group and what works for them, giving it a hook. Excellent.
    I could also see that starting point as a big powerful drama... Think directed by Ron Howard, and, and... who would be the lead?