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Friday, 19 February 2010

Life Lost

The Short Film

The Brief:

Story telling Unit: 3 minute short film "edited" in camera. The title should include the word 'Life'. The film must be shot in the right sequence, including opening and closing credits.

Filmed by Cat, me and Cat first devised our idea from our title 'Life Lost'. I felt it implicated a double meaning of being physically lost in a location and death. A theme I think was portrayed in our short. Location and lighting were used to our advantage beginning in the left we began a sense of movement to the warehouse style surroundings of the studios and tried to give a sense of spiraling downstairs to an unknown place. We changed the pace of the film with a glance to the CCTV and a suggestion of being chased from the reception and the spinning chair.

Overall I am proud of our first piece of work. Teamwork was essential between shots as we discussed every angle prior to each take. Cats camera-work was extremely well thought through coming out with some interesting angles and tricks with the camera. I was also impressed with my portrayal of the protagonist particualy in the lift. It was a high benchmark I really hope to continue and improve upon through out the term.


  1. I forgot just how sexy you really are!

  2. will could you put some text with this - so the context of the project is understood - ie no editing, 3 mins etc.

  3. this is such a high-end start to your work... just don't say what steven soderbergh said after he won at cannes for Sex, Lies and Videotape. (GOOGLE it)