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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

FMP: Contextual Research

Behind the Scenes of River Cottage Interestingly the have a 'Home Economist' Sancha Starkey who works at Chef at your Shoulder This gave me an idea for the delivery for the documentary: To add to the website I would like to have seasonal recipes that can be used for anyone that view the film on our standalone website. A long the lines of Channel 4's new 'Scrap Book'
(Companion planting we learnt at the alloment the other day - it means to grow plants that attract insects that will keep away any unwanted insects!) I have sent a few emails out to chefs I know in the catering industry explaing:
In my final project at uni I am Writer/Producer of a student documentary on allotments in our local area (Chatham, Kent). I am looking to compile some seasonal recipes to coincide with the documentary on a dedicated website for the allotment plot owners which I will be making in the next month. Would you be interested in providing us with some of your recipes to compliment the variety of vegetables grown on the plot? I would be more than happy to have a short article/link to the Pesto website! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

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