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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Final Major Project: Recce

Finally managed to do our first official recce today! My director Cat had the Canon 7D on hand and we started by sitting down with a number of plot owners and they were a really interesting and dynamic group and we all got on really well. We discovered allot about Street End and more importantly we immersed ourselves in what it is the people in these communities do and what makes them tick. We found out there are 90 plots: 5 vacant and 6 plots are not cultivated. Discovered there was no waiting list 20 years ago or so and the old generations tend to keep there plots maintained and well kept for years but people have been influenced by the media and how unrealistically simple it is portrayed. Today waiting list can be up to 4 years. (confirm with our contact at the council) The costs, we found out, are reasonably high (about £50/annum) bearing in mind the cost of seeds and general upkeep but in the long run you can save yourself £10 a week in vegetables. Manure is delivered weekly from the local stables (and is gone in 24hours!) this shows the culture of re-use that runs through the community. It also includes a drop off point for non rubbish items that can be used again (hoses, nets, pots etc.) We were given the contact details of someone at Medway Council and I will be in touch with him about waiting list etc. We have also confirmed ALL of our contributors (with contact details who are available at short notice, during the week): Doug (Plot #30) Theresa (Plot #37) Brian Dreuce (Allotment manager/rep) Alison Cooke (Plot #?) Richard Wilkins (Plot #26)

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