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Monday, 1 October 2012

Final Major Project (Professional Practice): Research into the context

Investigating similar property film I discovered there are allot of very slick and highly polished films. Here are a few examples:

Crest Show Home Video from Stuart Boreham on Vimeo.

Candy & Candy
This film his not about property or architecture but has some interesting shots and some of the interview sequences can be implemented into our films

Freunde von Freunden - Ole Martin Hansen from Freunde von Freunden on Vimeo.

This particular piece was made for an architects and has visual representations but is another area in which we could look

Paddington Footbridge from Factory Fifteen on Vimeo.

The movement and colours in this film really appealed to me. could be worth emulating the colouring on it and the subtle movements in our film.

Quartier Latin - Shadows & Light of Paris from emeric on Vimeo.

I particularly like the contrasting shots used in this film as well as the use of shadow

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