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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Final Major Project: Tutorial and Production Meeting

Communication with editor, Dylan has proved an insightful exercise. Together we highlighted the importance of: - Efficiently logging rushes. - Worked out how we can input the rushes after each shoot. - With Cat, we took Dylan through the coverage and how best we can give him all the shots he needs. Following this, I had a tutorial with Simon where: - We established I need to try and find a contributor that is on a waiting list and can give the story another dimension. - Find out from the council "how long is the waiting list?" at Chatham. - Include on Astons how long our contributors have been waiting. Later, myself and my Director, Cat, began to organise our shot on the 11th October by - Testing out the cameras and measuring out distances for the interview. - To pre-set the cameras to 60FPS etc. in preparation for the shoot. - Sourcing a clapper board!

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