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Monday, 8 October 2012

Final Major Project: Waiting List enquiry

Through speaking to the residents of Street End I decided to contact Paul Schmoeger: Urban Parks,Allotment & Play Manager at Medway Council. I asked him the following questions: At Street End Allotments, 1) What is the current waiting list and how long is the maximum waiting time? 2) In your opinion, what do you believe are the reasons behind the extent of this particular waiting list? 3) What alternatives are there for people looking into running an allotment but have to wait a long period of time? Across all Medway allotments, 1) What is the total number of plots on these sites? 2) What is the total number of people on waiting lists for these sites? 3) Are any of these waiting lists closed to further applications? I have found in the meantime a recent table of waiting lists for Medway:

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  1. Good work - can you now justify your own choice of allotments based on this? Why have you chosen your allotment site??