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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Shooting Script

Putting together a second draft of my shooting script. Having conferred with Helen I am now looking to put together 3 seperate timelines for the scripts. Today im also planning to split the script into posted notes so I can ensure the running order is suffiecnetly flowing.

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  1. You need to clearly establish the structure in this script - and yes of course the time lines will be key for this (actuality/history/relevant locations). I still feel the start of the film is a little too hard - needs to be teased up a little more (the in we have written feels like the start of the film proper rather than a pre-title). Essentially the pre-title could be a series of clips or just a hint/tease of the main thoughts e.g. most dramatic bits clipped - sync re: "We were entering enemy territory and the odds were against us..." sort of thing! Have another stab at it as we discussed and send me something for Friday