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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Chatham Dockyard Visit

Photos to come...

Went to the Dockyard today, a great location with a unique backdrop of 'Slips' (boat buildings), HMS Gannet and most importantly the HMS Ocelot. The Ocelot is a class T submarine which is one of the few remaining out-of-service subs left in the country. Whilst looking around the sub I picked out 3 potential places to shoot a face to face interview.

I spoke to Scott Belcher from Chatham Dockyard, I told him we were flexible in terms of filming and I highlighted that we wanted the area to be free of people walking around and the sun to be in the right position. I worked out the best time of day would be just before sunset as the light would be not too over powering and the sunsets are apparently spectacular this time of year. We also managed to get the most knowlegable man on site for our interview, who is apparently an interesting and larger than life character.

I have also confirmed my 3 stand in marines to be available for a training montage back in Surrey who are running an extra long run with on a route that doesnt require filming permits:

Along the River Wey at Daptune Wharf:

On St. Martha's Hill:

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