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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pre-Production: Promo Planning/Character Profiles

An email I have sent to our 'contributors'

Hi Tom,

Prior to our conversation here is what I'd like from you, bearing in mind this will become beneficial to you, in part, as it will help in your fundraising...

- We require dates that you are available to shoot for our promo, we will need 2 days (a weekend before 23rd April if possible). Sooner rather than later.
- In these 2 days we will be shooting 'Actuality' at The Historical Dockyard at Chatham with 'Talking Head' interviews. (Daimo will also be doing stills)
- On the Sunday we will be shooting a training sequence (myself and Chloe will be organising a kayak either hired or borrowed, we will organise ASAP)
- I will be driving anyone up from Surrey who requires, so essentially travel is covered.

> For now, can I get a Character Profile that contains your vital statistics (although you will be a fictional Marine your hobbies and your background remain the same) consider including:

Name: Nickname?
Height/Weight etc.:
Training Base:
Personal Background:
Sporting History/achievements:
Any other relevant information:

That is all. Obviously i've CCd a few people so ill be expecting feedback.



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