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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Crew Search

Sending out the following email to potential crew members:

I just had a very quick enquiry: We are
currently producing a hypothetical Pre-Production Package for our
final year project and I am looking to cast a Sound Recordist for a
feature length Documentary. The 90 minute programme is a Historical
reality drama following a group of Marines recreating Second World War
mission Operation Frankton (recently documented by Paddy Ashdown) I
wondered, if you had a spare moment, you could put together profile/CV
that could match this kind of filmmaking, and perhaps you could put
together some thoughts and possible recommendations for crew.

Thanks for your time,


I made the desicion to do this to ensure all our crews CV/Profile are tailored and relevant to our project.

Our aim is to collate the information of these crew members into a neat and consistant package, maintaing the theme and style by compiling crew information in Military ID Form:

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