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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Brighton

Sent an email to Craig at Brighton Watersports:

Hi Craig,

My names Will, I met you last week regarding filming kayaking on
Brighton beach. I am now on my easter break from uni so if you name a
date that would be easiest for you I can come down and film. Monday or
Wednesday would be best for me. I have attached a call sheet, if you
could let me know any details you would change (i.e your contact
details and call time) in an email that would be really useful.

A quick run down of what I require:

- A face to face interview - detailing what second world war marines
could expect kayaking into enemy territory etc. I will send you a set
of questions nearer the time.
- Actuality of you kayaking, various shots in the water (potentially
using your waterproof tripod, as you mentioned before?)



I included a call sheet for him to edit... Here our photos from our recce:

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