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Monday, 20 February 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Idea Development

- Taking reference from Michael Rabiger's book, Directing the Documentary, I have been organising my Pre-production Proposal document.
- Through checking through the list of requirements on the Unit brief I have added more subtitles to the document including:
- Audience Expectation - highlighting what the audience can expect and reasoning behind why the audience would appeal to my programme.
- I have set my work into a distinctive thematic season:

“Mission: Operation Frankton” a season of programming across the BBC

- Made a new comparison to Army: A Very British Institution, which the BBC qoutes it as being

“A collection of BBC programmes about the British Armed Forces, featuring classic documentaries and historic events dating back to the 1950s” (Source: BBC)

- Listed key production personnel
- Laid out the Style & Structure into 3 acts detailing essential stylistic and structural decisions.

I have a finished first draft to hand in tomorrow and look gauge group feedback if possible.

Useful websites:
Cockleshell Heroes Home Page
Combined Ops

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