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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dissertation: Day one

Presented my pitch to Chris today, I feel it went well. I aimed to set a high standard for myself for the year so I started compiling research back in December.

My subject area is Documentary & The Second World War. my areas of enquiry include:

+ WW2 and it’s relationship with episodic and feature length documentary filmmaking.
+ Reflective historical documentaries stemming from the end of Second World War.
+ Questioning whether it is entertainment or education.
+ Covering the issues of wavering numbers of eyewitness accounts and debating the strength of such accounts.

I took this as a time to experiment with research techniques. I looked up books at the library and ensured I Harvard referenced everything I found (to avoid complications later on) but i also used other resources such as lectures (from the Paley Centre Seminars) which can only be accessed online so I discovered an app where I could store information that I find online called Springpad and this is where you can access all the research I have gathered so far:

Will's Springpad App

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  1. Am really interested in this - remember that during and post war film making was a propoganda tool so this will have influenced the slant and content of docs. History is subjective..... May need to look at perspectives from different cultures/countries?