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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Media World: Hungry Uncle and Hungry Cousin

The Hungry Sailors on ITV TX 4:00 on weekdays follows the mousetached ex-serviceman Dick Strawbridge and his son on a culinary tour of the south coast: this week my Uncle, Ric and my cousin, Henry were on the show:

Ric and Henry are around 15 mins in

My Uncle sent me a brief report on his experience on the show for an exclusive BM's eye view behind-the-scenes:

Hi Will, So glad you enjoyed it. We had fun doing it. As you can imagine,it was filmed in a different order and they arrived with their bikes in a van.They had their own agenda--- no set script.They wanted to know about our farming system with the beef and sheep, breeds ,grazing etc.,and our H.L.S. scheme ( Higher level stewardship scheme) which is part of a government/europe bio diversity and habitat scheme.
DENHAM productions had a lady who was scouting ahead,a director/cameraman,a main cameraman a sound man, and another lad who used one of the cameras to take static longer shots, views etc .(he also came back the next day for those as well). they must have cut loads but it turned out O.K.

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