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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pre-Production Unit: Day One

This is a basic overview of my idea, which I am currently developing and have been researching since the end of November.

I have the working title:

Cockleshell Raid: 70 years on

With a working subtitle/strap line:

A new generation tackles the impossible.

1 x 60’
In Association with Discovery

Potential 'Elavator Pitch'

"Jump started and celebrated 70 years on: The ‘Help for Heroes’ Frankton Four blaze the trails banded by The Cockleshell Heroes. Through bold and emotive imagery together with highly concise and engaging accounts we will administer rich and rousing yet concise records behind the secret uprising. Our new generation Frankton Four will physically and mentally endeavour to uphold the memory of the Cockleshell Raiders."

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