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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Pre Production: Research - Relevant Programming: Critical Acclaim

Harry's Arctic Heroes [Sam Wollaston,] On interacting with the film crew.

"...there's definitely a barrier there; he seems reluctant to get personal in any way. And he goes back to talking about rations, which he seems to feel more comfortable with.

Actually all the guys – Martin, Guy, Steve and Jaco – are better at opening up, talking about what this means to them, than Harry is. It may be a buttoned-up posh thing; or that he doesn't want to steal the show from the wounded soldiers. Perhaps it's a lingering, inherited, mistrust of anyone with a camera. But he's not giving too much away. Maybe next week, when they're actually out there, alone and on the ice, we'll see more of the real Harry."

Bomber Boys [Review by: David Butcher, Radio Times]
"Does this look familiar? There was a good documentary, Bomber Boys: Revealed, on Channel 5 last year, also about Bomber Command in the Second World War, and some viewers may remember the splendid series Channel 4 ran a few years ago called Bomber Crew."

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