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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Work Based Learning: Shoot Day

Shooting went extremely well today, one draw back was the Canon 5D I was planning to use had broken during the weekend but the Canon 7D stepped in and performed just as well. The conditions were perfect.

Here is the call sheet I made for the shoot:

It was a long shoot: around 7-8 hours over 2 days, but we managed to get more footage which will be a bonus in post. There was a change to the original storyboard and idea. Chris, the co-founder/owner was available so now the opening shot has an extra person, which actually has now worked in our favour. On the day I also thought it would be good to set up a second Sony EX to capture time lapse of the whole day, it now means plenty of coverage and useful cutaways.

It was a fascinating exercise in that I had a shot list for the day but after several hours it became a case of searching for the interesting shots and slotting them together in my head and imagining how they would fit together coherantly in Post. It proved relativly easy as we had a long time for the sturture to go up and I could consult with Charlie and Chris regarding shots they want and Dan with his expertise in Production.

Do the Time Lapse: Sony EX capturing the opening stages. The whole 2-tiered structure fits into the van and the trailer.
Double Decker: Dan Neatherway (From the Hip) shooting the first deck panel held by Will (not me!) and Charlie
Me framing up Charlie giving his crew the orders! (Canon 7D)
Van Dutch: The first floor of the structure filmed via 20 sec interval record on the Sony
See 6(n): the crew review the time lapse. Followed by rapturous applause!

Decided I will enter the Learning on Screen Award - Student Production Category