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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Major Project: 1st Draft

Presented our script to Simon today. There are adaptations we need to make to the script, and it also needs to be re-formatted in Final Draft. On top of that We have confirmed our make-up/costume artist for the 5th November and the following Saturday confirmed and booked a studio space for Episode 2 from Dan at From the Hip. our aim for the rest of the day is continue amending and tightening the script.

A Doc about Peter Jackson's Mockumentary - Forgotten Silver

An exert from Chrisopher Guest (Best in Show, This is Spinal Tap) mockumentary, A Mighty Wind

Another mocumentary about MS Paint

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  1. Good background research here - make sure you exploit the 'conventions' of doc filmmaking and 'de-construct' the conventions. There is a new mockumentary series coming up from Gervais and Merchant that might also be worth a watch (very much lampooning the spate of 'celeb' docs which have dominated for some time)