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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Major Project: Update

Finalising the script in the last few days having concentrated on WBL.

In hindsight I may having focussed too much of my attention on WBL due to having extra days filming but I felt the experience I gained has given me that boost in confidence in pre-production, the filming process and a huge amount of editing time which will prove invaluable in the major project.

Now, however, I am purely working on the script. We have now confirmed the role of Struwwelpeter. A freind, a graduate from drama school, who is the character i had in mind from the start and a location. North Acton: this location is the backdrop I envisioned from the out set...

Example interview

Some questions, as the writer we are asking ourselves:

Whose story is it? Do you identify with the main character?

It is the plotting of a typcasted actor who wants to move away from his onscreen persona. He is a character who is rediculed and banished by popular culture and his suprising charisma and alter ego have a charming effect.

Does the plot tell us something about the main character?

The plot identifies the rise and fall of a recreation of character. It is portrayed through face to face interviews revealing his personality.

Are you able to tell what happens in the story in one sentance?

The retelling of a fabled creature rediculed by soceity, in the modern day. Struwwelpeter plays himself in a movie and we see his true character in a revealing behind the scenes documentary over 3 5 minute episodes.

1. Solid, steady camera shots that are part of the action of the piece. We should feel like we are traveling as a "fly-on-the-wall," or a silent observer, following the subject of the production around.
2. Clean, concise audio that creates a very real soundscape for the "experience" of the production. No canned music here!
3. Edits that follow the story and are unobtrusive. The audience should not feel that they are being manipulated. It should feel like we are watching a natural event unfold.
4. The interviews and supporting video build a story with a beginning, middle and end. The production gives the feeling that someone or something has gone through a change and there is some meaningful outcome.
5. There should be a feeling of a breadth of knowledge and a heightened passion for the subject.

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  1. that's more like it. great stuff. looking forward to reading the scripts, tomorrow.