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Monday, 18 April 2011

As-Live: Filming day 1

Had a sunny day filming the lads at The Fox today. with shot list in hand we managed to work on multiple GV and establishing shots of the exterior of the pub, gain excellent coverage and made sure we filmed plenty of footage. We experianced a few problems regarding the radio mic, but managed to rectify it.

Steve, our camera operator took some great shots around the pub whilst Troy took control of sound.
Cat came along to oversee the operation and gave great advice. As director, I felt I managed the crew sufficently, but I felt I lost a bit of confidence in my shots but really managed to pull off some great shots by the end whilst keeping the attention of our contributors!

It was tough challenge with the amount of people milling around the pub so I have let the teams know we I will be returning at a quiter time with my camera for pick-ups, if required. I will make sure I attend the second shoot at the very least to provide Casey with advice and maintain continuity.
Overall a good day...

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  1. There is so much to think about on a shoot as director so experience will be the key to eventually knowing how to handle things and get what you want from the day. Well done for recognising importance of continuity - frequently factual programmes are shot without the benefit of a 'spare pair of eyes' so it is essential for the director and crew to work together to ensure nothing obvious is missed - essentially controlling the environment of the shoot is key - keep things simple so there is less room for things to go wrong!