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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

As-Live: Contacts and Sponsorship

I went to The Fox again last night and met with team captain Greg Cheeseman, Matt Divers and Eddie (contact details to be compiled within Troy's contact list. I discovered they are all self-employed and happy to film VTs any time of the week and confirmed availabilty for May 19th.

On another note, I have contacted local brewer Nigel Welsh, who owns Flack Manor Brewery I feel a sponsor could lift the look and professionalism of the show. Here is a copy of the letter:

Subject: Message for Nigel Welsh

Dear Nigel,

My name is Will Tippett and my father is Jonathan Tippett and he has recommended I get in touch with you regarding an opportunity for your brewery to become involved in a 2nd year university project.

The Pub Game is a television game show that seeks to offer a 'pub experience' to the studio and viewing audience at home, encompassing traditional pub games 'with a twist', a quiz and light hearted banter with entertainment from the pub landlord host and his co-host.

Please find attached, the outline of our pilot show "The Pub Game" to be recorded in front of a live audience at Maidstone Television Studios on Thursday May 19th 2011.

Our course, Broadcast Media FdA/BA Hons - is a unique course delivered within the state of the art television studios in Maidstone ( As second year students we have responded to a brief to produce an As-Live pilot show which will be broadcast on our You Tube channel.

Teams from two real pubs (The Fox, The Dog and Gun) will compete in a series of challenges in this half hour late Friday night show.

It offers an excellent branding/sponsorship opportunity for Flack Manor to become involved in a show which has been devised with the 'Dave' channel in mind and, if successful, may be offered to the broadcaster for consideration.

Our production team, in conjunction with our set designers ( intend to design a unique pub environment which I feel could be encapsulated by Flack Manor. I envisage the Flack Manor name lifting the look of the set by potentially providing materials such as bar towels, beer mats, posters, team t-shirt sponsorship as well any other pub themed memorabilia. If our show could maintain the Flack Manor look, it maybe worth considering using the name in our title giving the show a unified feel. E.g The Flack Manor Pub Game

I feel this could be a unique opportunity to introduce your brewery to a new audience, bringing the name a new area in marketing.

It would be great to discuss your thoughts on this - please feel free to contact me to explore the potential which this show could offer. My contact details are at the foot of this email.

My father is also contactable on his office number: 01483 ******
Yours sincerely

Will Tippett

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